Serving College Media Since 1954

CMA serves thousands of students and advisers at two annual conventions. A national volunteer network of advisers, working with CMA’s associate executive director, coordinates hundreds of educational sessions.

Upcoming Events

  • Fall National College Media Convention 2023

    Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2023 The fall convention returns to the South in 2023. Sponsored by Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Association, the nation’s largest gathering of college journalists and advisers meets at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta for three days of sessions, keynote speakers, critiques and contests. Plus we’ll offer our traditional hands-on workshops and discussion groups, including our focused pre-convention…

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  • Hot College Media Summer 2023

    As temperatures heat up, join us for our Hot College Media Summer workshops to bring some cool to your fall semester. It’s all virtual, so learn from your office, the beach, the mountains or wherever you can find WiFi. These tracks are designed to be informative and experiential with a whole lot of fun.Tracks will take…

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  • Spring 2023 Convention

    Held at New York City’s Marriott Marquis, CMA’s Spring National College Media Convention offers sessions, special events, activities and extra that you can’t get anywhere else. To learn more about CMA’s Spring National College Media Convention, visit us here.

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