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Montgomery Distinguished Service Award Winners

This award is named to honor Reid H. Montgomery, of South Carolina, an influential member of CMA from its earlier days when it was known as the National Council of College Publications Advisers. He retired in 1988 after serving as president and treasurer of the organization, among other duties. He died in 1993.

This award is presented to an individual or institution that has made an outstanding contribution to collegiate media. The award will be made only when meritorious candidates are brought forth.

Recipients of this award are students, faculty members, corporations or non-academic individuals or institutions that have made an extraordinary contribution to journalism or student media advising. This award is not limited to CMA members.

2021: Dr. Max Branscomb, Southwestern College

2019: Jackie White, Lewis University

2018: Kelly Taylor, Bowling Green State University 

2017: Nanci Healy, New York University

2016: Randy Stano, University of Miami

2015: C.W. Little, Santa Ana College

2014: Peggy O’Neal Elliott, University of South Carolina Aiken

2012: Jay Hartwell, University of Hawaii at Manoa

2008: Greg Harrell, Johnson County Community College

2007: Mark Goodman, Student Press Law Center

2003: Will Robedee, Rice University

2003: Joel R. Willer, University of Louisiana at Monroe

1997: Les R. Hyder, Eastern Illinois University

1996: Barbara B. Hines, Howard University

1995: Ed Sullivan, Columbia University

1990: Dario Politella, University of Massachusetts

1989: Gannett Foundation

1987: Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver, Florida International University

1985: Albert T. Scroggins, University of South Carolina

1984: Herman Estrin, Newark College of Engineering

1981: Indiana State University

1980: Russell E. Hurst, Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi

1979: Loyd Edmonds, University of Texas at Austin

1975: John Behrens, Utica College

1971: Ruggero Aldisert, Pittsburgh, Pa.

1970: N.S. Patterson, National School Yearbook Association

1969: John S. Dickey, President, Dartmouth College

1969: George Starcher, President, University of North Dakota

1968: Sterling Fisher, Reader’s Digest

1967: Thomas Storke, Editor/Publisher Emeritus, Santa Barbara, Calif.

1967: John Ciardi, Poet and Critic

1966: V. Edward Canale, President, National Advertising Service, Inc., New York

1965: Robert R. Franham, Fashion Press, Inc., Los Angeles

1965: Dorothy Chandler, Vice President, Corporate Relations, Times-Mirror Co. Inc., Los Angeles

1965: Charles Dolan, National Education Director, Taylor Publishing Co.

1964: Benjamin Allnutt, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

1964: Arthur M. “Sandy” Sanderson, University of South Florida

1963: Paul S. Swennson, Executive Director, Newspaper Fund, Inc.

1963: Joseph M. Murphy, Director, Columbia Scholastic Press

1963: Edward W. McDonald, Grand Exec. Secretary-Treasurer, Pi Delta Epsilon

1963: Nelson Poynter, St. Petersburg Evening Independent and Times

1962: George H. Miller, University of South Florida

1962: Fred L. Kildow, Associated Collegiate Press