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Louis E. Ingelhart First Amendment Award Winners

This award is named to honor Louis E. Ingelhart, retired Ball State University journalism professor, who dedicated much of his life to studying, writing and teaching the applications of the First Amendment. The award will be made when meritorious candidates are brought forth.

Recipients of this award are professional journalists, institutions or advisers who have made an extraordinary, long term contribution in support of the First Amendment. This award is not limited to CMA members.

2021: Steven Listopad, Henderson State University

2019: Bob Bergland, Northwest Missouri State University 

2018: Tammy Merrett, Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville 

2017: Lane Bove, Loyola Marymount University

2016: Andrea Frantz, Buena Vista University

2015: Frank LoMonte, Student Press Law Center 

2014: Mark Witherspoon, Iowa State Daily

2011: Mike Hiestand, Student Press Law Center

2006: Karen Bosley, Ocean County College

2005: William M. Lawbaugh, Mount Saint Marys College

2004: Gene Policinski, Freedom Forum First Amendment Center, Vanderbilt University

1998: James Tidwell, Eastern Illinois University

1996: Mark Goodman,, Executive Director, Student Press Law Center

1993: John David Reed, Eastern Illinois University

1992: Paul McMasters, Freedom Forum First Amendment Center, Vanderbilt University

1991: Reid H. Montgomery, South Carolina Press Association

1989: David Adams, Kansas State University

1987: Nancy Green, Richmond, Ind.

1983: Louis E. Ingelhart, Ball State University

1982: Jean Otto, Chair, First Amendment Congress

1980: Jack C. Landau, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press