Hot College Media Summer 2023

As temperatures heat up, join us for our Hot College Media Summer workshops to bring some cool to your fall semester. 

It’s all virtual, so learn from your office, the beach, the mountains or wherever you can find WiFi. These tracks are designed to be informative and experiential with a whole lot of fun.

Tracks will take place online over two days, generally from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. ET/11 a.m. – 4 p.m. CT. Registration for the first session is $80, each additional session is $50.

Yearbooks – June 12-13

Track Leader: Steven Chappell, Northwest Missouri State University

Yearbooks are a permanent record of a year in the life of your university, but many campuses have abandoned them. The adviser of a Pacemaker winner will address how to keep your book front and center in the minds of your administrators, reminding them of its importance, while working you through all of the steps of producing a quality book — from theme development, to selling and marketing, to staff management, design, content and distribution.

Assessment – June 15-16

Track Leader: Hillary Warren, Otterbein University

Whether student media is housed in student affairs or within a department, assessment has become increasingly important in demonstrating value to the institution. On Day 1 of this two-day workshop we will start from the beginning and discuss the why, learn the lingo, consider outcomes relevant to our respective units and finish the day with maps that connect student media experiences with outcomes. On Day 2, we will build on our program maps, consider measurement options and design/adopt specific measures for each of our organizations. We’ll finish with a discussion of how to introduce and implement an assessment program and share ways to create a culture of evidence-based improvement in your program.

Sports – June 20-21

Track Leaders: Joe Gisondi, Eastern Illinois University

Sports journalism can seem like jargon, at times – but it shouldn’t. Students who are sports fans believe they know most everything about sports, but, again: Nope. In actuality, good sports journalism is about taking notes, asking questions and observing intently in order to tell informative, entertaining stories that just happen to be connected to sports. Register to learn ways to better teach or write about sports.

Finances – June 22-23

Track Leaders: Peter Waack, Colorado State University

Money is an important aspect of student media. This track features discussions on topics such as financial planning, budgeting and income generation … because cash rules everything around us.

Radio/TV – June 26-27

Track Leaders: Deena Leh, Villanova University and Nick Langan

The technology and delivery of audiovisual content is evolving rapidly, making it crucial to provide relevant, engaging, and quality content worthy of our audiences’ time. The 2023 College Radio & Television Broadcast Track, led by Deena Leh & Nick Langan, are for registrants who want to:

  1. Learn Where We’ve Been in College Broadcast & Why It Matters Today
  2. Engage Audiences On & Off Traditional Platforms
  3. Find Unique Collab Opportunities With Benefits
  4. Maximize the Professionalism, Promotion, & Production of Your Station
  5. Leverage Your Current Resources for the Future

Social Media Tools – June 29-30

Track Leader: Sydney Cranmer, University of South Carolina

Social media can be an incredibly useful way for organizations to expand their audiences. It can also feel like a painful combination of tedious work, around-the-clock stress and spinning your wheels. Creating a solid and specific strategy for your organization’s social media presence isn’t as hard as it seems if you have the right tools and a process that works for you. This workshop will help you build that process and find those tools in a hands-on, collaborative environment. You’ll leave with a first draft of your social media strategy, content ideas, a template for tracking your success, and connections to others in college media who are doing the same work.

Operations – July 6-7

Track Leader: Jackie Alexander, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Handbooks, policies and processes… oh my! During the academic year, there never seems to be enough time to work on solid operations. Let’s talk about creating a strong foundation for the upcoming academic year, from policies and forms to training and evaluations.

Native American Journalist Association July 10-11

Track Leader: Sheena Roetman

Leadership – July 13-14

Track Leader: Dr. Julie Lewis, University of Central Missouri

This energizing leadership track dives deep into the DNA of transformational leadership and how student newsroom leaders can immediately implement strategies to effectively meet goals. The track will use real-world examples and provide an action plan to help attendees drive alignment, build a winning culture, and influence campus coverage in a profound way. If you are a new editor-in-chief, managing editor, or section editor — or a veteran leader who’s ready to learn more — this leadership track is for you.

Podcasting – July 17-18

Organizer: Jackie Alexander, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Attendees will learn the planning, pitching, production, editing, distribution, and marketing of podcasts. They’ll also have conversations with experienced podcasting professionals and walk away with the knowledge, skills, and tools to create their own podcast media.