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John A. Boyd Hall of Fame

The CMA Hall of Fame recognizes those members who have, first and foremost,  served in significant leadership and service roles in the College Media Association. Hall of Fame members include past presidents, board members or advisers who have taken on significant and long-term responsibilities in the service of CMA.

This is the most prestigious honor given by CMA, recognizing longtime members whose dedication, commitment and sacrifice have contributed to the betterment and value of student media programs of both the campus and nation.

It also pays tribute to members who have devoted extensive and varied service on committees, the board of directors and other leadership roles and have presented insightful, relevant and well-prepared programs and sessions.

Those considered for this award must have contributed to college journalism education for 20 years or more while being an active member of CMA. In addition to service to CMA, recipients will have served as role models and mentors for both students and colleagues, been steadfast in their support for freedom of expression in the student media and willing to assume some risk in defense of that support, consistently supported the codes of ethics of CMA and other related professional associations and been trendsetters in setting standards of advising excellence and achievement.

The HOF committee will review the nominations and will choose nominees. Applications are accepted in May.