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Golden Leaf Memorial Recipients

Inspired by Terry Vander Heyden, deceased CMA vice president for member services, this title was derived from the leaves of trees that are alive and growing and golden to connote richness and quality. The award is named for Heyden, who was the first recipient. The award has been established to honor the memory of deceased members of CMA who have held leadership positions and/or contributed greatly to the goals of the organization.

2018: Nancy White 

2016: Ron Spielberger, University of Memphis

2016: Richard Finnell, University of Texas

2015: James Tidwell, Eastern Illinois University

2015: Dan Reimold, Saint Joseph’s University

2015: Bonnie Thrasher, Arkansas State University

2011: Jolene Combs

2011: Dan Morris

2009: Jeff Henderson

2007: David Adams

2004: Pat Siddons

2004: Frederick Gerhard

2004: Alfred O. Gray

2003: Walter Frederick

2003: Ronald Gibson

2003: Roger Carlson

2003: Leo Stalnaker Jr.

2003: Dario Politella

2001: Herman Estrin

1997: Sandy Sanderson

1997: John Boyd

1995: Ed Rogers

1993: Reid H. Montgomery

1992: Terry Vander Hayden