CMA Day of Giving 2023

Hello CMAers,

It’s time for our annual Day of Giving, where we give back to the organization that binds us all together as college media advisers. To prepare for the big day Thursday, I have two challenges to you all to get the week started.

Last year, we raised $3,460. If we beat that number this year, I’ll kick in an extra $100.

Also, we had 72 people donate during last year’s campaign. If we beat that number, I’ll kick in another $100.

I’d encourage you to not only give back but to pass this around to others in the college media community and ask them to give back as well. And spread the message on social media using the hashtag: #CMADayofGiving23.

The money you give helps this organization become stronger. It allows us to give better training for advisers and students, to advocate for them better and to innovate to prepare us for the future.

Go to our PayPal page and donate today. Thanks for all the ways you support CMA.

Chris Whitley