Our goal: Zero trolls

We defend student journalists from online harassment and physical threats. It’s confidential, and it costs you nothing.

Who we are, what we do

The College Media Troll Patrol is sponsored by the College Media Association and the Society of Professional Journalists. If you’re being attacked online for your coverage, we can help. We’ll meet with you confidentially and assess your situation. We can offer any or all of the following…

 Online security experts to advise you on protection protocols. 
• Veteran trackers to identify anonymous offenders. 
 Lawyers to warn those offenders to stop or face consequences.
 Help accessing SPJ’s Legal Defense Fund if further action is warranted and desired.
 Personal security if needed.

What is online harassment?

It includes but isn’t limited to…

 Doxxing – posting personal information online (like your home address, personal email, phone number, Social Security number) to intimidate you. 
 Swatting – contacting police with a false violent threat happening where you live or work. The ultimate goal is a SWAT team surrounding you, but any police involvement is considered a victory to a troll. It’s also a federal crime.
 Dogpiling – a mob of trolls organizing to harass or intimidate you in a systematic way.
 Cyberstalking – continual and persistent online harassment. Also a federal crime.
 Hacking – breaking into a network or device to steal data or corrupt what’s already there. It’s is a crime, too.

This might not describe your situation, but any harassment is too much. You’re not wasting your time or ours by contacting us.

You didn’t ask for this, you don’t deserve this. Fight back, and we’ll have your back. Contact us with questions or request a free, confidential consultation…

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