CMA Members – Login Help

CMA upgraded to a new database in 2023. Instructions on how to log in the first time are below.

Directions for setting up your new account

CMA upgraded to a new database to provide an easier-to-use system to renew your membership, register for ‎events, and make purchases.‎
For security purposes, your ‎old password will no longer work and a new password for your CMA account must be created in the new system.‎

Please take the following steps to access the new system:‎
1. Navigate to the “Members” section of
2. Click “set up an account”.‎ See the image below.
Note: the “forgot password” functionality will not work until you’ve created a ‎password in the new system. 
You must first set up your account first.

3. Enter the email address associated with your account. (This is the email address where you receive our CMA marketing emails.)
4. ‎Select a password for your account and enter your first and last name and click “Set Up”‎
5.‎ You will be sent an email and asked to verify your email address by clicking the link in the ‎email. This ensures you have provided a valid email address. ‎Once your email is verified, this is the email and password you’ll use for logging into the member portal.
6. Once logged in, please verify that your demographics and contact information are up to ‎date.‎ You will automatically be prompted to do this the first time you log in to the portal.‎ You can also do this by clicking “My Profile” and then “Manage Profile” from the portal’s ‎main navigation menu.

As you navigate the new system, please reach out if you have any trouble, ‎want to suggest improvements, or have any questions or comments.

Please contact and we can assist.‎