Apple Awards 2016

The following winners of the 2016 David L. Adams Apple Awards contest were announced Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at the College Media Association conference in New York City.

Best Facebook Page

  1. The Daily Titan, California State University – Fullerton
  2. College Beat TV, Cal State Long Beach
  3. ULM Hawkeye, University of Louisiana – Monroe

Best Tweet

  1. Fairfield Mirror, Fairfield University
  2. RMU Sentry Media, Robert Morris University
  3. The Daily Barometer, Oregon State University

Best Homepage

  1. District, Savannah College of Art and Design
  2. Connector, SCAD Atlanta
  3. Emerge Magazine,  University of Guelph-Humber

Best Multimedia

  1. The Campus, City College of New York
  2. The Appalachian Online, Appalachia State
  3. Indiana Daily Student, Indiana University

Best News Delivery

  1. Los Angeles Loyolan, Loyola Marymount
  2. The Quinnipiac Chronicle, Quinnipiac University
  3. The Daily Titan, California State University – Fullerton

Best TV Newscast

  1. University of Connecticut Student Television
  2. The Hawkeye – University of Louisiana at Monroe
  3. Stony Brook University School of Journalism

Best Newspaper

4 year Under 5,000

  1. The Rice Thresher, Rice University
  2. The Beacon, University of Portland
  3. The Mirror, Fairfield University

Best Newspaper

4 year 5,000-10,000

  1. The Pendulum, Elon University
  2. Captain’s Log, Christopher Newport University
  3. The Observer, Fordham University

Best Newspapers

4 year more than 10,000

  1. The Battalion, Texas A&M
  2. The Universe, Brigham Young University
  3. The Miami Hurricane, The University of Miami

Best Newspaper

2 year School

  1. Los Angeles Collegian, Los Angeles City College
  2. The Sentinel, North Idaho College
  3. Foghorn, Del Mar College

Best Yearbook Cover

  1. Ibis, University of Miami
  2. The Griffon, Missouri Western State University
  3. Diorama, The University of North Alabama

Best yearbook Spread

  1. Ibis, The University of Miami
  2. Crossings, Roger Williams University
  3. J@CBU, California Baptist University

Best Magazine Cover

  1. Distraction, University of Miami
  2. 1014 Magazine, Doane College
  3. SCAN, SCAD Atlanta

Best Magazine Spread

  1. The Reflector, Georgia Southern University
  2. The Pulse, Messiah College
  3. Alice, University of Alabama

Best Radio Promo

  1. Orange Media Network, Oregon State University
  2. KSWH, Henderson State University
  3. SCAD Atlanta Radio, SCAD  Atlanta

Best Print Ad

  1. Distraction Magazine, University of Miami
  2. Northwest Student Media, Northwest Missouri State University
  3. District, Savannah College of Art and Design

Design Contest Winner

  1. District, Savannah College of Art and Design
  2. DAMchic, Oregon State University
  3. Mosaic Magazine, The University of Alabama

Copy Editing contest winner

Jaclyn Wiley, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Photo Shoot-out winner (Class favorite)

Don Montrelle Green, Southern University  (Jermaine Poshee, adviser)