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Adviser members are advisers, supervisors or directors of editorial, advertising, business or technical facets of college media operations.  Adviser membership is $75 annually. Adviser members may hold a personal membership or an institution may assign a membership to an adviser. An adviser membership–whether personal or institutional–has the same requirements and privileges.

Adviser membership – personal: This class of membership belongs to the individual regardless of the member’s institutional employment.

Adviser membership – institution: This class of membership belongs to the institution and may be designated to any one individual during the term of membership.

Affiliate members are involved in collegiate journalism education or in a profession that brings them into close contact with college media. Associate membership is $75 annually.

Active membership – student media: This class of membership is for student-run media at colleges and universities or not-for-profit student media corporations serving college or university communities. The student media membership belongs to the institution, not to individual media or individuals. 

Student media members may not vote in association matters nor hold elected or appointed association offices, unless the position is reserved specifically for student media members. Student media membership is $119 annually. Contact the CMA office at 212-297-2195 to inquire a student media membership. 

For more information on membership requirements, levels and their privileges, please see the CMA bylaws.