2022 Pinnacle Award Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2021-2022 Pinnacle Awards. See the ‎results below!  ‎

The Pinnacles Award presentation can be viewed here.‎ 

Organizational Winners ‎

Best College Media Outlet

Best Diversity Coverage of the Year

Four-Year Best College Media Outlet of the Year ‎

 Two-Year Best College Media Outlet of the Year ‎


Four-Year Radio Station of the Year   ‎

Two-Year Radio Station of the Year   ‎

  • First Place: WPMD, Cerritos College
  • Second Place: CT Sound, San Diego City College
  • Third Place: The DrumBeat, Tyler Junior College‎ 

Four-Year TV Station of the Year   ‎

Two-Year TV Station of the Year   ‎

Magazine ‎ 

Four-Year Feature Magazine of the Year   ‎

  • First Place: Crimson Quarterly, University of Oklahoma
  • Second Place: Ball Bearings Magazine, Ball State University
  • Third Place: UNF Spinnaker, University of North Florida
  • Honorable Mention: Nineteen Fifty-Six, University of Alabama
  • Honorable Mention: Drake Political Review, Drake University 

Two-Year Feature Magazine of the Year  ‎

  • First Place: Inside Fullerton, Fullerton College
  • Second Place: Etc. Magazine, City College of San Francisco
  • Third Place: CityScene, San Diego City College
  • Honorable Mention: Collegian Times, Los Angeles City College
  • Honorable Mention: The Current, Amarillo College

 Four-Year Literary Magazine of the Year  ‎

  • First Place: Prism, Oregon State University
  • Second Place: Hype, New Jersey City University
  • Third Place: Ramifications, Berry College

Two-Year Literary Magazine of the Year  ‎

  • First Place: Urbana Literary & Arts, Miami Dade College/ Eduardo J. Padron Campus
  • Second Place: Miambiance, Miami Dade College Kendall Campus
  • Third Place: AXIS, Miami Dade College North Campus


Four-Year Less-Than-Weekly Newspaper of the Year ‎

Four-Year Weekly Newspaper of the Year ‎

Two-Year Newspaper of the Year ‎


Four-Year Website of the Year ‎

Two-Year Website of the Year ‎

 Yearbook ‎ 

Yearbook of the Year ‎

  • First Place: The Tower Yearbook, Loyola Marymount University
  • Second Place: The Glomerata, Auburn University
  • Third Place: Angelos, California Baptist University
  • Honorable Mention: Arbutus, Indiana University
  • Honorable Mention: Stone Fort, Stephen F. Austin State University


‎Individual Winners

Advertising ‎

Best Ad Campaign  ‎

Best Ad Supplement/Special Section  ‎

Best Display Ad   ‎

  • First Place: Daily News, Ball State University
  • Second Place: UTD TV, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Third Place: The Reporter, Stetson University
  • Honorable Mention: Daily Titan, California State University, Fullerton
  • Honorable Mention: Manhappenin’ Magazine, Kansas State University

Best House Ad  ‎

Best Online Ad   ‎

Best Rate Card/Media Kit   ‎

Best Social Media Strategy  ‎

Broadcast ‎

Best Audio Newscast   ‎

Best Audio Promo/PSA  ‎

Best Audio Special Event Coverage   ‎

Best Audio Sportscast   ‎

Best Audio Talk/Entertainment Program   ‎

Best Video Entertainment Program   ‎

  • First Place:  KBVR-TV, Oregon State University
  • Second Place: UTD TV, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Third Place:  Owl Magazine, Harford Community College
  • Honorable Mention: Arrow, Southeast Missouri State University
  • Honorable Mention: MN TV, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Best Video Newscast   ‎

Best Video Promo/PSA  ‎

Best Video Special Event Coverage   ‎

Best Video Sportscast   ‎

Design ‎

Best Editorial Illustration   ‎

Best Advertisement   ‎

Best Comic Strip  

Best Editorial Cartoon   ‎

Best Infographic   ‎

Best Literary Magazine 

Best Magazine Cover   ‎

Best Magazine Entertainment Page/Spread   ‎

  • First Place: Ink Magazine, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Second Place: Daily Bruin, UCLA
  • Third Place: Emerge Magazine, University of Guelph-Humber
  • Honorable Mention: Jerk, Syracuse University
  • Honorable Mention: AMP, The University of Texas at Dallas

Best Magazine Feature Page/Spread   ‎

Best Magazine News Page/Spread    ‎

Best Magazine Sports Page/Spread   ‎

Best Newspaper Entertainment Page/Spread   ‎

Best Newspaper Feature Page/Spread   ‎

Best Newspaper Front Page   ‎

Best Newspaper Nameplate   ‎

Best Newspaper News Page/Spread  ‎

Best Newspaper Opinion Page/Spread   ‎

Best Newspaper Photo Page/Spread  ‎

Best Newspaper Sports Page/Spread   ‎

Best Online Infographic   ‎

Best Online Main Page  ‎

Best Social Media Main Page   ‎

Best Special Section Cover   ‎

Best Yearbook Cover   ‎

Best Yearbook Division Page/Spread   ‎

Best Yearbook Entertainment Page/Spread   ‎

Best Yearbook Feature Page/Spread   ‎

Best Yearbook News Page/Spread   ‎

Best Yearbook Sports Page/Spread   ‎

Online ‎

Best Audio Slideshow  ‎

Best Breaking News Coverage   ‎

Best Multimedia Breaking News Story 

Best Multimedia Feature Story   ‎

Best Podcast   ‎

Best Social Media Presence   ‎

Best Viral Video   ‎

 Best Campus Engagement   ‎

  • First Place: The Shorthorn, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Second Place: University Times, California State University, Los Angeles
  • Third Place: The Loquitur, Cabrini University
  • Honorable Mention: el Don, Santa Ana College
  • Honorable Mention: Arrow, Southeast Missouri State University


‎Best Breaking News Photo ‎

Best Feature Photo ‎

Best General News Photo ‎

Best Photo Illustration ‎

Best Photo Package ‎

Best Portrait ‎

Best Sports Feature Photo ‎

Best Sports News Photo ‎

Sports ‎

Best Sports Columnist ‎

Best Sports Feature ‎

‎‎Best Sports Game Story ‎

Best Sports Investigative Story ‎

Best Sports Multimedia Story ‎

Best Sports Section ‎

Best Online Sports Section ‎

Writing ‎

‎Best Arts and Entertainment Story    ‎

Best Breaking News Story   ‎

‎‎Best Column   ‎

Best Coverage of Faith

Best Editorial    ‎

Best General News Story   ‎

Best Feature Story   ‎

Best Investigative Story   ‎

Best News Package   ‎

Best Profile   ‎

Best Special Section: Four Pages or Less   ‎

Best Special Section: More than Four Pages   ‎