2022 Film and Audio Festival Winners

CMA is proud to share the results of the Film and Audio Festival. Winners were announced at #mediafest22 the ACP/CMA Fall National College Media Convention, held on October 29, 2022. Thank you to chair Tom Grant, for managing the contest and producing the video.


  • Anna Kate Duplantis, Northwestern State University, “Anything for You”‎

Audio Creative

  • First Place: Joshua Tigges, Joshua Woolcott, and Blake McMillan, Buena Vista University, “Tell Tale Heart”‎
  • Second Place: Audio Creative‎ Staff, WOLF Radio Imagine, University of West Georgia, “Wolf Radio ‎Imagine”‎
  • Third Place: Ian Davis, Jaclyn Ortiz, Zane Hudson, Israel Mata, Cerritos College, “Tucumcari”‎

Audio Documentary

  • First Place: Yessenia Moreno, CUNY, “Health Care Proxies in the Time of COVID”‎
  • Second Place: Joshua Tigges, Buena Vista University, “The Great Retirement”‎
  • Third Place: Olivia Yates, Kyle Woodworth, EJ Snyder, Andrea Alvarado Avila, Community College of ‎Baltimore County, “Good School: The Faculty”‎

Creative Video

  • First Place: Casey Niccoli, Amarillo College, “The Takeover”‎
  • Second Place: Joshua Woolcott, Buena Vista University, “A Rip in Reality”‎
  • Third Place: Mathewson Parks, Berry College, Harold and Pearl

Best DJ Personality

  • First Place: David Damuth, Colorado State University, “Moose Crossing, DJ Moose”
  • Second Place: Rosie Rose, North Carolina State University
  • Third Place: Braylen Smith, University of West Georgia

Long Documentary

  • First Place: Joshua Tigges, Max Olsan, Clayton Van Horn, and Cody Holtgrewe, Buena Vista University, ‎‎“What Was Once Ours”‎
  • Second Place: Hannah Koch, Furman University, “Fatima’s Fight”
  • Third Place: Clayton Van Horn, Buena Vista University, “Unsanctioned”

Short Documentary

  • First Place: Owen Johnson‎, Colorado State University, “Becoming Kaz Smith”‎
  • Second Place: Gavy Contreras, CUNY, “Embracing Her Femininity”
  • Third Place: Jason Bauguess, Justin Castillo, Moises Marquez, California State University Long Beach, “Dear ‎Long Beach: Sincerely, A Broke College Student”‎
  • Honorable Mention: Cam Hamer, Furman University, “Live and Learn: Patience – Episode One”‎

Video Feature Package

  • First Place: Moriah Humiston, Syracuse University, “Bocce”
  • Second Place: Kaitlyn Kempf, Baylor University
  • Third Place: Miranda Rodriguez, Texas A&M University — San Antonio  

Video News Package

  • First Place: Danika Young, Baylor University, “False report of active shooter”‎
  • Second Place: Moriah Humiston, Syracuse University, Where do Syracuse’s COVID-19 Tests Go?‎
  • Third Place: Ashley Watts, Georgia Southern University, Teal House 5K 

Video Newscast

  • First Place: Irma Saenz, Lily Celeste Reimherr Buckert, Sarah Cervera, Lanie Perez, Jose Ravelo, Stephanie ‎Rodriguez, Miranda Rodriguez, Ashley Sosa, Clarissa Martinez, Texas A&M San Antonio, ‎‎“Enlace Newscast”‎
  • Second Place: ‎219West Staff, CUNY, “219West News Magazine”‎
  • Third Place: Lariat TV staff, Baylor University, “Lariat TV Newscast”
  • Honorable Mention: BVTV crew, Buena Vista University, “BVTV News”‎

Video Sports Package

  • First Place: Nate Smith, Baylor University, No 13 Baylor Surges
  • Second Place: Trinity Knapp, Missouri Western, Softball vs Rogers State
  • Third Place: Justin Helms, Georgia Southern University