2017 Film and Audio Festival Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2016-2017 Film Festival. 

Short Documentary 

  • First Place: Welcome Home Brother by Tim Morris & Isaac Fowler, University of Tennessee
  • Second Place: City of Deportees Pt. II by Antonio deLoera Brust, Los Angeles Loyola
  • Third Place: Never Giving Up by Isaac Ward & Katie Overton, University of Tennessee 
  • Honorable Mention: DACA by Anibal Alcarez & Alyssa Pajarillo, Southwestern Community College

Long Documentary

  • First Place: The Comeback by Bailey Ketchum, Missouri Western State University
  • Second Place: How Does the City of Savannah Negotiate its Complicated Past? by Sarah Carroll, Berry College
  • Third Place: Eugene Morgan: Blues Chronicles from the Burgh by Matthew DiVito & Wafi Alghanim, Robert Morris University

Video News Package

  • First Place: Inauguration by Jessica Babb, Baylor University
  • Second Place: MLK by Tara Barbe, Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Third Place: Women’s March by Jessica Babb, Baylor University 

Creative Film

  • First Place: The History Project by Chris Scott, Berry College
  • Second Place: Guessing ASL Signs by Federico Planchõn, Matt Norris, Alina Greene and Dina Le, North Carolina State University
  • Third Place: The Channel by Courtney Bruno, Nick Harrison and Trevor Vampran, Southeastern Louisiana University 

Video Feature Package

  • First Place: Han Mai Huynh by Sachiko Jayaratne, Texas Wesleyan University
  • Second Place: Meet Knoxville’s Backyard Boat Builders by Abby Bower & Brock Zych, University of Tennessee
  • Third Place: Pet Housing Welcomes Unorthodox Furry Friend by Madelin Ryan, Berry College

Video Sports Package

  • First Place: Acrobatics & Tumbling by Elisabeth Tharp, Baylor University 
  • Second Place: Tim Tebow, Trading Touchdowns for Homers by Allie Pritchett, Berry College
  • Third Place: Women’s Golf by Sachiko Jayaratne, Texas Wesleyan University

Video Newscast

  • First Place: The Griffin Newscast by Eiljah Smith, Missouri Western State University
  • Second Place: 2016 SCJ Presidential Election Night Coverage by Sam Anthony, Vince Russo, Delaney Hassell, Eddie Sheehy, Nick Milliron, Morgan Torchia and Alec Balenciaga, Robert Morris University
  • Third Place: Baylor Newscast by Jessica Babb, Christy Soto, Elisabeth Tharp and Morgan Kilgo, Baylor University

Promotional Video

  • First Place: Loyd Maleek, Appalachian State University
  • Second Place: Tina Huynh, Texas Wesleyan University
  • Third Place: Federico Planchõn, North Carolina State University